Friday, February 3, 2012

Centering PBP week 5

 The process of moving one's consciousness to one's spiritual or psychic center, leading to a feeling of great peace, calmness, strength, clarity and stability.

  When we read this definition we all strive to fell this way at some point in the day. Weather you are a stay at home parent (like myself) or a layer or even working with people on a daily bases, things tend to get to us and we become off center.
  Even while writing this I had to stop and center myself due to everything going on around me. It doesn't matter where you are you can always center yourself and I find myself using it throughout the day.
  There is a helpful exercise you can do called bhramari breathing or if you have the the time take a walk outdoors and focus your attention on any large and massive object. Inhale and take the objects mass into yourself through your eyes and breath. (However, if it's a building, be sure to take in only it's mass and not the various human energies permeating it.) You soon will feel calm and stable.
  I know the one thing I like to do is go outside and close my eyes and take everything around me in (the sun, trees, or even moon at night) I then feel myself becoming Centered and can go about my day or night with no problem.



Mohrade said...

Great topic. I think Centering is something that gets overlooked easily when seekers are first learning, when it is in fact one of the most important things to learn first. BTW I love your background!

intothedawn said...

Great topic! Centering is so often overlooked, your post is a nice reminder. I like the breathing exercise you shared, I'll have to try it!