Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 6 letter C- Chanting

Chanting is a means of raising energy, creating sacred space and performing magic

Chanting (e.g., mantrasacred text, the name of God/Spirit, etc.) is a commonly used spiritual practice. Like prayer, chant may be a component of either personal or group practice. Diverse spiritual traditions consider chant a route to spiritual development.
Some examples include chant in AfricanHawaiiian, and Native American cultures, Gregorian chantVedic chant, Jewish hazzanQur'an readingBaha'i chants, various Buddhist chants, variousmantras, and the chanting of psalms and prayers especially in Roman CatholicEastern OrthodoxLutheran and Anglican churches (see Anglican Chant).
Chant practices vary. Tibetan Buddhist chant involves throat singing, where multiple pitches are produced by each performer. The concept of chanting mantras is of particular significance in manyHindu traditions and other closely related Dharmic Religions. For example, the Hare Krishna movement is based especially on the chanting of Sanskrit Names of God in the Vaishnava tradition. Japanese Shigin (詩吟), or 'chanted poetry', mirrors Zen Buddhist principles and is sung from the Dan tien (or lower abdomen) — the locus of power in Eastern traditions.

Chanting is done in both covens and by solitary Witches alike,  we use it to raise power, in meditation and calming. Many other religions use chanting as well you have the Monks whom chant and also the Native Americans used it as well.
  I personally use it when I need to calm down I have two favorite Calming chants that I will share with the rest of you....  There are many different ways to do it I'm sure although I have not studied them all I would love to study a few of them. 

Take three slow breaths and then chant the following three times

I am calm at last
My mind is at peace.
From this moment on I trust
That all my worries cease.
So Mote it Be!

Calming Chant:
Chant this simple rhyme whenever you feel worried or scared:

I am peaceful,
I am strong
Though dark my seem so long
For day must follow every night,
Everything is alright.
I am always safe from harm,
The goddess holds me in her arms.

I really enjoy these two chants they really seem to help when all else seems to fail.

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