Friday, January 13, 2012


Knowing we have to stay with letter "A" again this week I decided to write about Amethyst.

Although I have not personally worked with Amethyst Crystals I decided to write about them because it is one I would like to know more about myself. As I was doing my research I found that it is and can be used for many things.

1) Spirituality and Contentment

2) Connected with deities Bacchus, Dionysus (Gods of wine and libation) Diana

3) Meditation, peace and healing

4) Psychic stone

5) Attract Love and happiness

6) Affiliated with the element of water

7) Associated with the planets Neptune and Jupiter.

Knowing all it can do now I believe I would work with it more for meditation and opening the third eye and Spirituality work it also has also been known to help people become sober and I believe that is a good thing especially for anyone who wishes to stop drinking.

As I read up on it I learned it has a lot of ability's that most do not know about.

I got most of my information from this sight here:

but I'm positive you can find more great information out there and that is one thing I will be looking to do.

I myself love working with crystals and will defiantly be adding this one into my work. Not only for meditation but past life regression, astral projection, and dream work!

Before I end I also want to add that it is a crystal known to have mysterious energy!


The Faery Enchantress said...

You will really enjoy working with crystals. Lovely blog.

Rachel x

*~ Aurora Brierley ~* said...

It is indeed a lovely crystal to work with.

Pleasure to read xx
Aurora @ The Witch Inside xxx

Livi said...

It's my birthstone too! Which makes it extra special to me!