Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Animal familiars

When I first started reading books on Wicca/Paganism I always saw a section on Animal familiars but never thought too much about it until we got our new kitten after my beloved cat past away. I knew some had them and others did not and wondered what it would be like to have one but also thought that if I was meant to have one it would find me.
The thing about it is in an odd way I believe my first cat and now my kitten are my familiars. I think this because when I set back and think about it when ever I'm meditating or doing some type of ritual work they are/were there in the circle with me.
Now I know a lot of people don't have one and they seem to ask why but I think its because they are to find you not you find them. All animals are scared in the craft one way or another and they all have their place its just we have to let them show us what place they belong.
Do all of us need these animals no we don't but that doesn't mean anything it's just that maybe some are more drawn to certain people then others but then again we may never know since when all of this was brought up it was first believed that the devil was supposed to be the one handing familiars out to Witches and then we go into the Salem Witch Trials but there isn't much work there. Do I believe the hype that was and still is thrown at us no because we have taken the time to understand all of it and a lot of other ones haven't.


Craft Goddess PJ said...

Tesha Ann,

I enjoyed your article very much and look forward to learning with and from you as we get to know more about each other. My blog is


Witchfire said...

I don't know if I've ever had a Familiar. My dog likes to be in and around when I'm doing witchy stuff, but he also just likes to be around me. He's a Ladies' Dog. My Ferret....well, he's the same way until his ADHD kicks in. lol. However I work with Animal Spirits, and I'm very close to my Totem/Spirit Animals. Perhaps I don't need a familiar on this plane? Good post. ~)O(~

Kiradora said...

I agree that they have to seek you out. I found my familiar a few years before I started practicing. I was grilling in my back yard with some friends and out of nowhere this little black and white kitten comes walking right up to me. I didn't want to take a stray in, because my family had issues with strays before, but I fed her some cat food mixed with milk. For the next week she found me, and I just knew it was for more than a meal. She became my familiar. I love that my pet is also so close to me spiritually. While I think all animals are sacred, I also believe having a familiar is a wonderful experience that is much greater than a pet. I am grateful to have her.

Thank you for the post. I enjoyed it very much! Blessed be.

Julie said...

Great to read your post - still working on mine. I have never had an animal familiar, and while my current cat 'Mischief' loves to be in my ritual room with me I don't believe she is a familiar, rather she just loves the energy that happens when I'm in there.

Sherry )O( AutumnTurtle said...

Love your post! I have 2 familiars both cats and Mother and Daughter. They love when I am doing a ritual or just smudging the house. they love to be smudged as well, strange beasts LOL The mother came to me as a rescue by my son and she is amazing he named her Torrie because she looks exactly, to the markings as my Tortuise shell cat that had past a few months before he rescued this one. She was meant to be in my life and I love her and her mouthy calico daughter Gypsy who I might add picked her own name. She is a riot!
Blessed Be, I am following your blog and am going to be posting my post tomorrow morning.

Carin said...

does an animal familiar have to live with you?

Nichole said...

I had to laugh when I saw your topic for this week. About a month ago, I was meditating and had posed the question about getting a cat. The answer I had received was "soon enough".

And now I have a cat. Perfect personality (just like me, ehehe), very loving, exactly what I wanted. And she showed up on her own. Is she a familiar? I guess we'll have to see :)

Tesha said...

Carin I am not to sure if they have to live with you I know mine do if it does happen to be a cat and you do alot of your ritual work outside then I think if it is just a stray that roams around but finds itself with you it could be your Animal Familiar. You might want to read up on it as we..
As fir everyone else thank you for your comments I wasnt sure how well I did as this is the first time I have tried something like this.

Faeries Wheel said...

I don't have a familiar that I know of, but I am really close with my animals and my little chihuahua is like my little shadow.

Also, if you'd like...

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